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Welcome to the Civil Registration and Vital Statistics General Directorate (CRGD)

The Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) system in Somalia has a complex history shaped by decades of conflict and political instability. Prior to the civil war in 1991, Somalia had a functioning, albeit limited, CRVS system. The war led to the collapse of government services, including the CRVS system, destroying all archives and public offices. This left Somalia without any traces of registers, copies, or original documents. The prolonged conflict devastated the country's governance capacity and economic infrastructure, including the institutions responsible for civil registration and identification.

In recent years, Somalia has been committed to rebuilding its civil registration system to provide everyone with legal identification. A new policy approved in 2021 aims to ensure comprehensive registration, improve system management, and create dependable data on vital events such as births and deaths. The CRGD, under the Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation (MoIFAR), leads the establishment and implementation of the CRVS system in Somalia. Local governments are tasked with implementing policies, establishing registration centers, training officers, and ensuring accessible services for all citizens.

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Our Mission

The CRGD is dedicated to establishing a comprehensive and reliable civil registration and vital statistics system. Our mission is to provide legal identity and rights to individuals, and reliable and timely data for social and economic development.

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Our Vision

By 2029, we envision a Somalia with a fully operational and efficient CRVS system that supports good governance, sustainable development, and improved public services for all citizens. Our vision is to achieve universal and complete registration of vital events in Somalia.

Our Core Values

National Ownership and Leadership

Ensuring the government's role in setting the vision and direction for the system, and coordinating with international partners and donors.

Equity and Inclusivity

Emphasizing the importance of including all individuals, ensuring equal access to registration services, and protecting their rights.


Fostering partnerships between government agencies, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders to improve effectiveness and reach.


Designing and implementing the system to maximize effectiveness and minimize bureaucratic barriers.

Transparency and Accountability

Ensuring transparent processes and procedures, allowing individuals to understand how their personal information is used and protected.


Respecting and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of individuals' personal information.

Excellence and Innovation

Embracing innovation and technology to improve efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility.

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Civil Registration and Vital Statistics General Directorate (CRGD)

Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation

Federal Government of Somalia

Email: civil.registration@moifar.gov.so; info@ecrvs.gov.so

Web: https://ecrvs.gov.so

Phone: +252619999902